ECHR: Hungary must provide food to rejected asylum seekers

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR),responding to emailed questions from Reuters, stated that Hungary must provide food to rejected asylum seekers held in detention camps on its border who are appealing the decision.

Human rights groups said that Hungarian authorities had refused food to some asylum seekers held in the two border camps, which are open towards Serbia, while they await the outcome of their asylum appeals.

The Helsinki Committee, said in an Aug. 17 statement it had asked the ECHR to intervene over what it described as “inhuman” treatment on the border.

Late on Thursday, the Helsinki Committee said in a fresh statement posted on its website that all asylum seekers in the border camps had been provided with food.

“Today…all of the rejected asylum seekers were given meals,” the group said. “We welcome the positive change in the authorities’ practice but without legislative changes, asylum seekers can still be deprived of food any time.”

Hungary’s parliament in June passed laws that criminalised giving some kinds of help to illegal immigrants. Hungary also said it would not accept asylum applications from migrants arriving via a country where they are deemed safe from persecution or harm, or where an adequate level of protection is provided.

As all the asylum seekers have come via Serbia, which is classed by Hungary as a safe country, their applications can now be rejected. The European Commission stated the changes do not comply with EU law and has launched a procedure against Hungary.

References from the official website of the Reuters news