Belgrade “Pride Week”

Belgrade’s 2019 “Pride Week” will run from September 9 to September 15 and will end with a walk and parade under the slogan “I’m not giving up,” organizers announced. 

Belgrade Pride representative Marko Mihailović announced at a press conference that the march on September 15 will start at 5 pm from Slavia Circle, and will end with a concert at Manjež Park. 

The parade route of this year’s parade will go along Kralja Milana Street, across Nikola Pasić Square, and the procession will go past the Parliament building, and along Kneza Miloša Street to the National Government building, and will end at Manjež Park.

During Pride Week, which will precede Pride, there will be around 60 organized events, and one of the most important, according to the organizers, is the “Balkan Pride” exhibition, which will open on September 9 at Kulturni Centar Grad (KC Grad). The exhibition will showcase a collection of photographs from Pride held in Balkan cities. 

At press conference in the Belgrade Parliament, it was also announced that Belgrade is one of five candidates to host the 2022 EuroPride. It is an annual event taking place in one of the European cities, and Belgrade as a host would receive recognition for its many years of struggle and promotion of the rights of the LGBT community, despite the violence they have been facing for decades.

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References from the website Belgrade pride 2019.